The Almighty

I’m aware and awake

And boundless,

Boundless like a car ride

In a film.

I marvel at the silence 

Of the room and environment

And feel the urgency.
I sit in a solemn mood,

When I remember the 

Atrocities that plague 

This world,

There is truly no relief

The world is wrought with pain

Yet we continue such fate

Because of personal gain

Problems spring up like weeds​,
I cry to the. . .

Bestower of knowledge,

Keeper of secrets,

Informer of those who seek it,

Contorter of truths,

Infector of ideologies,

Depicter of proof,

Explainer of philosophies.

Oh! Giver of precious wisdom,

Please share me your wealth,

Please share me your wealth of 


Because lack of information

Leads to deformation.

© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel


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