​The Nation is in a state of Tears

Morning no longer exist, The birds that sang the morning in had melted away even before the last butterfly roasted to the ground. Stray dogs in the market place are in a running battle with vultures, devoured the corpse they found at last coiled up one morning in the stall over. Military legends are reticent about their plight recounting, Only that every night when journey began again. many failed to rise from under their mats and those who did stagger up cast furtive glances at the silent shelters and set their stony faces to the sky. There are reed thin children with a skull capped with wiry rust coloured Tufts of hair and body centered on a protuberant stomach, provided a tooth smile. 
 More also, many mentally scarred men and women who had been psychologically devastated by anguish and myriad pressure of life. Sufferness has become drinking water for both children and adults. Tears appear, peace disappear. our nation needs to bring back the love for the peace to reappear.

© Fasasi Eyitayo S Marvel


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