Tape and Glue

tape and glue heart

”My heart is very fragile, held together
By a bit of tape and glue.
It can’t handle being shattered again;
Keep it safe and hold it close,
So that it might heal.”
Unable to deal with another blow,
I gave you the opportunity to
Revive or repress my happiness.
Would you dropp my weakened heart
All in due time?
I couldn’t predict the outcome.
You worked your way into it.
The tape and glue fell away
As you took their place in
Piecing it together and repairing my wounds
With your tender love that fills
The once gaping, hollow spaces where
Missing components were never regained
And the cracks that were forged
Through the most powerful of pressures.
The last remedy that has a possibility
Of succeeding is your time, your love,
And your life.
For now my heart is strong,
With your essence infused within it,
But if you were to attempt to
Abandon it, when you provide its
Only structure, the slivers that remain
Would hardly be salvageable
And forced to be scrapped.
You’ve made a permanent mark
On this once battered, worn,
Torn and tattered heart, and
It can no longer survive without you.

written by : Fasasi Eyitayo


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