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“That was before you changed. You are not
the same person that I used to love. I’m
sorry to say this, but I’m really fed up with
your childishness, you became so clingy!
Sometimes, I couldn’t even breathe
anymore when I’m with you. You are
strangling me with your possessiveness. I
have a life too, my studies, school
activities, family and friends. I can’t focus
my time on you entirely. You are even
acting like a wife! And sometimes, like my
“I want freedom Josephine… freedom from
“What do you mean?”
emphasizing each word.
That night, Josephine’s world fell apart. She
went back inside the mansion, shook hands
and kissed some of the guest goodbye.
Thanking them for coming to her birthday
party. Her parents and brother, Emmanuel hugged
“Nice party, sis. Everybody was having so
much fun.” Emmanuel said smilingly at her.
“Yes, everyone was having fun.” She smiled
back at her brother.
“Well, goodnight sis. Always remember that
I love you and I’ll always take care of you.
Happy Birthday.” He hugged her once more
and kissed her cheek.
“Thanks Emmanuel.”
She slowly went up the stairs and waved to
some of their guest goodbye. Then finally,
she arrived in her room. The tears that she
was holding back finally fell down her
She cried so hard in bed that night until her
tears ran dry. She was so hurt that she
wanted to die. She tried to erase the pain by
taking a shower, still in her gown, but the
pain was so deep, and kept on escalating.
Then she started crying again and again…
until she passed out.


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